Straumann Pro Arch Treatment

Innovative Full Arch Dental Solution for Missing Teeth

Straumann Pro ArchRemovable dentures have been the go-to solution for patients with missing teeth for decades, but they have drawbacks. They can be uncomfortable, require extra upkeep, and may slip or click. Fortunately, fixed dentures and full arch implants give you a comfortable and permanent alternative. The most advanced solution on the market is the Straumann Pro Arch Treatment, available at Central Valley Dental Implant and Oral Surgery Institute.

What is the Straumann Pro-Arch Treatment?

Straumann Pro-Arch is an innovative dental implant solution for those missing all or most of their teeth. Your surgeon places between four and six implants in your jawbone to support a complete upper or lower arch of teeth. With these fixed implants and a custom-designed arch, you no longer have to worry about loose or poorly fitting dentures that must be removed every night.

What are the Implants Made Of?

Straumann Implants come in two material options. The most common is the Roxolid implant made from 85% titanium and 15% zirconium (a durable ceramic). They also have a zirconium ceramic implant that may be more suitable for specific applications. These are the strongest, most durable dental implants on the market. The exterior of the implant is sandblasted and acid-etched to create a surface that integrates more readily with the jawbone. Your surgeon can determine which material is best for you.

What are the Advantages of Straumann Pro-Arch Treatment?

  • Many people can get new teeth in a day with temporary arches or crowns until the permanent Pro-Arch is ready for attachment.
  • Straumann implants fuse more quickly with the jawbone for stability and endurance.
  • The smaller implants have the same structural strength as larger implants.
  • Straumann implants reduce the need for extensive bone grafts.
  • Patients typically heal faster after Straumann implants are placed.
  • The unique surface of Straumann implants (SLActive®) encourages faster and fuller osseointegration with the jawbone, increasing the success rate of the implants.

What is the Process?

The first step is an initial consultation, when we perform a complete dental exam and use x-rays and 3D imaging to get a clear idea of the condition of your jawbone and oral cavity. We review your medical history to see if you are a candidate for same-day teeth with Straumann Pro Arch treatment.

Next, we plan your treatment based on the images taken at your first appointment. Using advanced dental software, we determine each implant’s optimal placement and position.

We surgically place the dental implants after removing any remaining teeth. The procedure usually takes two to three hours, but it depends on the condition of your jaw, how many implants are placed, and your individual situation.

Finally, temporary replacement teeth are put in place. You wear these until the permanent arch is ready and is attached to the dental implants. Healing of the implants usually takes a few months, but during this time, your temporary teeth will give you a normal appearance.

How Much Do Straumann Pro-Arch Implants Cost?

The cost of the Straumann full arch dental solution is on par with the price you find for other forms of dental implants. The cost varies depending on several factors, including whether you are getting an upper or lower full arch, the number of implants placed, and the attached type of arch. At your initial consultation, we review all costs based on your individual needs and the materials used.

Even if you have been told in the past that implants are not an option, The Straumann Pro-Arch system can give you a variety of options for your dental restoration.